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An award-winning team of journalists, designers, and videographers who tell brand stories through Fast Company's distinctive lens What’s next for hardware, software, does it have to be food or cam it be anything ? tnx does it have to be food or cam it be anything ? tnx 10 years ago Are you talking about the stuff on a stick contest? There it refers to food. T5 FHE Sylvania Luxline Plus triphosphor technology to achieve high colour rendering together with long life and&nb 23 Oct 2011 Cross reference: ECE Type: P21/W, GE (P25-1), Osram Sylvania (7506), Philips ( 12498). Major brands of light bulbs and ballasts are cross referenced on the item page itself, highlighting the cheapest and quickest shipping items. SYLVANIA Automotive High performance lighting products with safety, style, and performance. 6PLH/840/BYP. Spec Philips Osram/Sylvania General Electric 175 Watt Traditional Metal Halide Lamps MS 400W/C/HOR/3K 50489 M59 MS400/3K/HOR cross reference automotive bulbs, 12Volts Basic Miniature Bulb Standard bulb, with basic performance, from the leading supplier of automotive lighting. SYLVANIA Fluorescent Lamps 95 SYLVANIA Compact Fluorescent Lamps 105 Starters 138 SYLVANIA Electronic Ballasts 144 SYLVANIA Magnetic Fluorescent Ballasts 155 SYLVANIA Magnetic HID Ballasts 160 OSRAM Photo-Optic Specialty Lamps 171 OSRAM PLANON® Lamps 239 OSRAM LED Lamp Modules 240 Product Warranties 266 Manufacturers’ Cross Reference 272 In electronics, a vacuum tube, electron tube (in North America), tube, or thermionic valve or valve (in British English) is a device controlling electric current through a vacuum in a sealed container. H7, 1, 12 V: 55 W. pdf (118027 bytes) 6JK8 Tung-Sol tt 6JK8. Mobile App Order History Auto-Reorder Signify does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this cross-reference guide. GRIMES PART #. 4C7 CARD 2. T8 Full Spectrum Light Bulbs; T10 Full Spectrum Light Bulbs; T12 Full Spectrum Light Bulbs; Full Spectrum Cross Reference H1: 1 6 V & 12 V: 55 W H3: 1 6 V & 12 V: 55 W H4: 2 6 V & 12 V: 60 / 55 W Similar US bulb: HB2 (9003) H7: 1 12 V: 55 W H8: 1: 12 V: 35 W H8 / H9 / H11 / H16 sockets will all fit one another (check wattage) H9: 1 12 V: 65 W H8 / H9 / H11 / H16 sockets will all fit one another (check wattage) H10: 1 12 V: 42 W This Cross Reference Guide is provided for informational purposes. C. 2W 3799. LED MR16. Chicago Rawhide is a subsid A CR seals cross-reference is a tool for finding compatible oil seals from the seal References don’t matter now that everybody’s life is on the public record. Get yours online today and pick up in store. Americas Digital Product Catalogs . Sylvania. 40. Imperial Part No. We provide customers with High-quality and Cutting-Edge electronic products. New turntable needle for the SYLVANIA 11-10321 phono stylus. OSRAM SYLVANIA does not SYLVANIA is the leading automotive lighting supplier, providing high performance lighting products. Log In or register for an account to assign your company part numbers to products! No more memorizing or cross-referencing! Map your company's internal part numbers to items, then use your part numbers for searchin The New Leviton Cross-Reference Tool can assist you in searching for a particular product/part by a particular manufacturer which is similar in function to products of other companies. OSRAM SYLVANIA QHE 2X32T8/UNV ISL-SC Instant Start OSRAM SYLVANIA QHE 2X32T8/UNV ISH-SC Instant Start OSRAM SYLVANIA QTP2x32T8/277 ISN-D Instant Start OSRAM SYLVANIA QHE 2X32T8/UNV PSH-HT Programmed Rapid Start OSRAM SYLVANIA QHE 2X32T8/UNV PSN-MC Programmed Rapid Start OSRAM SYLVANIA QHE 2X32T8/UNV DIM-TC Programmed Rapid Start (1 PC) SYLVANIA ECG105 105 PNP GE 15A 150W NOS Audio Power Amp Transistor TO-36 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - (1 PC) SYLVANIA ECG105 105 PNP GE 15A 150W NOS Audio Power Amp Transistor TO-36 Many auto parts manufacturing companies use serial or reference numbers for looking up parts. SYLVANIA Automotive, the automotive lighting industry leader, has been delivering high quality, state-of-the-art technology to consumers for generations. Eaton uses cookies to help us give you the best experience on our website. If there is not an equivalent for a particular ballast, please contact us at 1-800-225-5278 to determine an appropriate product substitution SYLVANIA Printed on recycled paper. The district court, applying the per se rule WAT / GRIMES CROSS REFERENCE LIST. 4C7/BL/2PK. (VDC). Ecolux (ECO). Type Possible Substitutions ; 12 PSB: 81699: Side Bulb #5 12 V-24: 81566: Wedge 14 V--81566-3: Wedge 14 V-24 NA Cross reference tool: LED replacement search for Incandescent / Halogen / Fluorescent LEDtronics offers LED Bulbs to directly replace most common and popular Miniature Lamps and Indicators from companies like: Competitor Cross Reference Search. Keystone. JENBO. World-class manufacturing and high-quality guarantee an extended lifetime of your ZEVO? 1157 (WHITE) LED Bulb&nb Quick Specs. EH1/ 32IS-  8 Apr 2005 I need to replace (2) 3 pole 50 amp GTE Sylvania breakers and I can't find them ANYWHERE! (Not the Zinsko ones that Westinghouse breakers should also should also cross to bryant, challenger, and the C-H BR breaker. Please consult the current Atlas (product catalog) or a customer support representative for more information on appropriate ballast selection for your application. Philips. Altdorf Press, 2505. APR 2001. If you're having a difficult time finding the exact part you need, call us and we'll help you get the Sylvania breakers you need, quickly. D. , Hawthorne, CA 90250 Tel. H1, 1, 6 V & 12 V: 55 W. Manufacturer's Lamp Cross Reference. Posted 2/11/12 3:03 PM, 3 messages OSRAM SYLVANIA. You can check under the panel column for compatible Eaton UL Classified breakers. 600. A 9006 LED bulb is a direct replacement for any 9012 halogen bulb. 50/Bulb) GREEN CREATIVE PL LAMP CFL CROSS REFERENCE Base Installation Product Philips GE Sylvania CFL CROSS REFERENCE GREEN CREATIVE Model PLC LINE Vertical Installation 57899 28366 28366 57900 28367 28367 57901 28368 28368 57902 28369 28369 57903 PL-C 26W/827/4P/Alto PL-T 26W/827/X/4P/Alto PL-T 26W/827/4P/Alto PL-T 32W/827/4P/Alto PL-T 42W/827/4P/Alto Sylvania breakers are available in countless different configurations, both reconditioned and new. 880 = 884, 885, 892, 893, 899 have the same base PG13, different wattage. CF18DT/E/IN/841. 6PLH/840/ BYP/R. CFL CROSS REFERENCE. PEC PL9W TT 4100  An Osram Sylvania brand-specific product number for an equivalent item and is provided for the purpose of cross-referencing. ADVANCE. By Philips Description. OSRAM SYLVANIA DULUX S 9W/41K CF9DS/841. You can also find a new filter for your air purifier. It is easy to ignore; it isn’t instrumental in running the machine and you don’t even need it during the day. Philips Bodine + See All. Consumer 1/08 United States OSRAM SYLVANIA Headquarters 100 Endicott Street Danvers, MA 01923 USA 1-800-LIGHTBULB www. Search. For instance, the chart below shows an example of a cross reference of Type CL 1″ breakers that could be interchangeable for panel installations. (2007a). 177 Broad Street, 12th Floor, Stamford, CT 06901 T – 805 578 2536 E – Support@rvlti. com rvlti. Size. T. 5 out of 5 stars Home | Halco Lighting Technologies Save on Sylvania 4114 LongLife Mini Bulb, Pack of 2 4114LLBP2 at Advance Auto Parts. If you haven't yet, I think I'd start a panel replacement fund. Application. Cross Reference: Hover Over or Click on Image to Enlarge (Double Click) to Restore Small Size: Find Bulbs Click Below to Narrow Results) 194 = W5W W3W 147 152 158 159 Eaton supports many generations of loadcentres by offering aftermarket BQL and QBH replacement breakers for vintage CEB, Sylvania, Commander and bolt-on loadcentres. NSD150. CROSS-REFERENCE GUIDE. Needs with our products are cross referenced on the usa and light and to buy today! The Sylvania, GTE Sylvania, older Commander and CEB are really the same panel and it is was a very popular panel in the 70’s and 80’s. Lamp #. Download Osram Sylvania Lamp Cross Reference doc. S. Case Quantity. Enlarger Equipment to Light Bulb Cross Reference · Projector Lamps · A&K Projection - Projector Lamps · ASK Projection - Projector Lamps · ASL - Digital Projector Lamps - Projector Bulbs · BOXLIGHT P Your Part Numbers. HTI 150W. "Sylvania Industrial and Military Cathode Ray Tubes" by. Cross Reference Search Espen Model Sylvania GE Model: Categories. Spec Philips Osram/Sylvania General Electric Description No. Incandescent. Review specifications carefully prior to purchase. Our quick automotive bulb cross reference below lays out the most common bulb bases installers will run into while upgrading their OEM halogen headlights to HID or LED headlight kits. Cross Reference. Manufacturers' Cross Reference Guide (continued). A framework for the study of access to medical care. 5PLH/840/HYBM. "Silver Screen 85" Cross Reference Chart. fulham. A1280-1. Product. The H11 LED bulb has an L-shape, which is similar but not compatible with the 9005. Item Type PHILIPS SYLVANIA GE GE Old # Twin Lamps 2-Pin PL-S (Short) Dulux S 2-Pin Low Wattage Biax PL LAMP CROSS-REFERENCE. MANUAL. LED Bulb Cross Reference Chart and Compatibility Guide When converting from halogen bulb to LED there are often multiple eligible cross-reference bulbs. Use the manufacturer's model or part number located on the motor's label plate for t Aday LA, R Anderson. $0 - $10. Satco: Satco/Sylvania: Philips: General Electric (GE) NEMA Generic: S6300 CFT5W/827: S6700 CF5DS/827: PL-S5W/827: F5BX Interchange information is provided as a reference. New turntable needle for the SYLVANIA 11-10328-8 phono stylus. Skip to main content.  Pediatric Quality Indicators, Revision 3. No change to content. pdf (198364 bytes) 6JL8 Raytheon 6JL8. (1974). Internet addre A CR seals cross-reference is a tool for finding compatible oil seals from the seal manufacturer Chicago Rawhide's competitors. A Technical Publication of. 1. sylvania-lamps. $32. pdf (64097 bytes) 6JL6 Sylvania p 6JL6. SYLVANIA magnetic fluorescent product labels include an industry first cross- reference guide. SYLVANIA. Shape, T8. Use AutoZone's bulb guide to learn the differences between SYLVANIA's lines of replacement headlight bulbs, and find the right one for your vehicle. WAT LEGACY PART #. I recommend that if you don't already have it you download the latest version of Adobe reader. Please review product specifications and vehicle fitment information, if appropriate, to verify fitment. Family Brand Name, Sylvania. Courtesy Light Bulb 12844. Base, Medium Bipin. Many bulbs will use the same base and connectors while the different model numbers will be determined by color and wattage. HMI 200W/SE. OSRAM SYLVANIA. $50 - $100. WAT LEGACY MODEL #. WAT LED EQUIVALENT MODEL#. Browse our portfolio of energy efficient lighting, discover lighting facts and resources, and find retailers where you can shop and buy SYLVANIA brand lighting products Nema / Generic NAED Sylvania GE Philips Base 5 Watt CFT5W/G23/827 20325 CF5DS/827 F5BX/SPX27 PL-S 5W/827 G23 COMPACT FLUORESCENT CROSS REFERENCE Double Tube 2-Pin Here is a simple reference detailing the locking tab designs of common automotive headlight and fog light bulb bases. 4. G-2S110-TP. Automotive Bulb Cross-Reference Summary Table; Headlight & Fog Light Bulb Equivalency Explained; H11 vs H11B; H16 Type 1 (H11) vs H16 Type 2 (5202) PS24W (5202) vs. : 1-323-599-5000 Fax: 1-323-754-9060 Website: www. pdf (98612 bytes) 6JM6 This cross reference guide is designed to help you find the lamp you need for your application. In many cars the 9012 bulb is used as high and low beam and a shutter inside the housing lifts to change from low to high. 114. LENGTH. 3799 6V 1. MSD 200. This is a 120/240 VAC rainproof type 3R panel enclosure. Osram/Sylvania Philips. BT. 20 Jul 2013 While I can typically find anything on the internet, or parts store - there is no cross reference between this GE bulb and the 1000's of Sylvania bulbs available all over town. The special halogen inspired facetted lens design to allow the full front face of the lens to light up without any visible heatsink, replicating the classic look and feel of traditional halogen lamps. H3, 1, 6 V & 12 V: 55 W. Cross Reference: - Osram 33205 6411 12V10W TP10 Features: - Made from high quality material for SYLVANIA Replacement Guide for Fluorescent Lamps to be Eliminated by DOE General Service Fluorescent Rulemaking In 2009 the United States Department of Energy issued efficacy standards for general service fluorescent lamps that implement new lumens per watt regulations for linear and U-bend types. N. We list hundreds of models in our online catalog. (1), (2) , 000 821 10 63, 002 542 21 19, 05939639, 05939640, 06011036, 0K011-66- 830&n Category, Filaments, Stock Power Draw (major/minor filament where applicable), Cross Reference. The H11 bulb compatibility is with other low beam and L-shaped bulbs like the H8, H9, and H16. How to find the right replacement bulb: Start by selecting your vehicle or searching by part number. 289 17063. 2 Pin Lamp Ballasts (Magnetic) 4 Pin Lamp Ballasts (Electronic) 4-Pin 2D Butterfly Plug-In Ballasts; Fluorescent Full Spectrum Light Bulbs. com provides the most complete light bulb cross reference guide in the world. Full Spectrum Fluorescent Tubes. Those breaker Types were exclusive to Sylvania and do not carry over to Cutler-Hammer. 6 out of 5 stars 2. 99 $ 32. Linear Fluorescent Cross Reference Guide . CF13DD/E/841. (see notes on last page). By Philips Product Number 1951 Sylvania tube manual: The 1951 manual I have looks to be 100% original, no updated or removed pages. Many files on this site, especially scanned documentation, are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. A range of high-quality and high-performance 12V LED MR16 lamps for residential and professional applications. No Cross. It is intended to offer assistance in selecting a Universal ballast which is functionally equivalent to the ballast being replaced. Download Osram Sylvania Lamp Cross Reference pdf. It is intended for informational purposes only. Use our bulb replacement guide to find the right bulb that fits your vehicle. Replaces. Operating. HOWARD INDUSTRIES, INC. All Miniature Bulbs have a number and/or letter designation that can be used to determine shape, base, amperage, voltage and filament design. MDM Pkg GTiN, 00046135755101. Breaker King Cross Reference Guide [Cross Reference Guide] - Click on Product's webpage link BELOW to View Mini Bulb Cross Reference. Dialight Based LED P 5 Nov 2012 Does anyone have a cross reference from the Polaris to the Sylvania part number ? I'm assuming Polaris did not have a special "polaris" end installed on the bulb, so replacements from the hardware/parts stores Supplying Quality Electronic Components for 35 Years! Cross Reference, Data Sheet and Inventory Search. Robertson Worldwide is the industry's leading manufacturer of UV Drivers, UV Ballast, Magnetic Ballast, Fluorescent Ballast and HID lighting Ballast. Configuration. O-6418 BULB. Search By: Competitor Product Code Competitor Description * Separate multiple items with a comma or semicolon, you may enter up to I've also posted Sylvania tube manuals on their own page. GE. H4, 2, 6 V & 12 V: 60 / 55 W, Similar US bulb: HB2 (9003). 3797 13913. Osram. A. NSD200. Turn on more accessible mode. From My Travels With Gotrek, Vol. Keyword Search. So, one brand's part number won't always be the same as another brand's is. Note: Document renamed from Spectrum Catalog to Cross-Reference 12/2004. Catalog Number: F032841XVEC0 Vendor Code SYL; Manufacturer : Sylvania; Manufacturer's Part Number: FO32/841/XV/ECO/20067; Description: Fluorescent Lamp 32W, 48IN Mol, T8 Octron Extended Value XV Fluorescent  Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts. 6. PSX24W (2504) The 9012 bulb is the same base and plug as the 9006 headlight bulb. INCANDESCENT LAMPS. Wattage, 13 Watt. Satco Compact Fluorescent Cross References. PHILIPS. 1 and SMB20(20-40)F Mod 1 rainproof type 3R electrical panel enclosure. NSK200. $20 - $30. Quick references for substitutions of critical Radio and Television Tubes. Professional, Consumer · Contact us. Jul 21, 2014 · Sylvania became Challenger many years ago (around 30 years ago) and Challenger was bought by Eaton and rolled into their Cuter-Hammer division in the late '90s. We do not verify the accuracy of this information. Cross Reference Charts Industry Charts Product Literature New Products ScanTel® Software & Instructions Shop Talk SERVICES. Watch the video here and read the table to learn what fits. Did you mean phillips sylvania cross reference (6 Pack) Sylvania 18493 40-Watt Clear Tubular Incandescent T10 Bulb. 24" FO17/730 F17T8/SP30 F17TB/TL730 F17T8/30K 309244 Philips / Sylvania Cross Reference. Us at a wide range of technical and to keep this web part. Online Catalog Automotive Bulb Replacement Guide. Installation. NSK150. MSR 200 HR. * Not an exact cross reference. /LTÉE Headquarters 2001 Drew Road Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1S4 1-800-LIGHTBULB www. Get Free Shipping at Sylvane. Conclusion ATV Lighting & Bulbs ATV lighting has to be one of the most underrated components on an ATV. 50. 1382 17063. Metal Halide Cross Reference: Sylvania M400/U/BT28 (64488). com on orders over $35. CATHODE RAY TUBE CROSS-REFERENCE INDEX. H8 FLUORESCENT TUBES www. Skip Ribbon Commands. Voltage. * Trademarks or registered trademarks of General Electric Company ** Trademarks or registered trademarks of Philips. -. X Brand. LED Tubes (379) Sign Lamps (8) LED Retrofit Kits Lamp Cross-Reference Venture Lamp Product ANSI Venture Lamp Product ANSI Description No. BA 200/SE/D. 3. Turn off more accessible mode. Lumens (Initial). SYLVANIA offers a wide range of high performance automotive lighting products with style, performance and the safety of you and your family in mind. Headlights, fog lights, tail lights, turn signal, brake lamps and more from all major brands: Sylvania, Philips, GE. After literally hours of searching - I fo ECOLOGIC®. Sylvania Dulux T/E Specifications. Sylvania Lighting 20877 - 18 Watt - 4-Pin (GX24q-2). Miniature Bulbs By Number are a Internationally standardized means of identifying miniature light bulbs. These are single filament Cross Reference Information Cross reference comparisons do not imply that all products compared are exact in reference to form, fit and function. Here we have some of the more common bulb types and what they cross refernece to. This manual is the better one for loctal data - some types were moved to "obsolete" status and into the condensed data section by 1959. 7, 7, NO CROSS, 3VA63, 26223, 4C7/BL CD2 6PK, 120, 6PK, 3VA63, NO CROSS, #N/A, #N/A, #N/A, #N/A, #N/A, #N/A, NO CROSS. CF18DD/E/841. Turn off Animations. sylvania led auto bulbs charliebit me, electronic ballast cross reference guide quickcross pdf, sylvania osram 49908 qtp4x32t8 unv isn sc b t8 fluorescent ballast walmart com, est a40pbxs ace spec sheet pdfest a40pbxs type rapid,  The M400/U/ED28 is the factory replacement for the M400/U/BT28 (64488). Find your automotive bulb replacement, the Brand and Technology is right for you. to. 3893 T4W Mar 01, 2019 · There are charts that show what circuit breakers are interchangeable. GX24d-3 CF26DT/827 Triple Tube - 4 High performance LED replacement bulbs for, taillights, turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, license plate lights, parking lights, DRLs, dome lights and more! Lighting Cross Reference. PLC LINE. SYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCTS INC. 881 = 886, 889, 894, 896, 898 have the same base PGJ13, different wattage. I. Browse our large selection of Air Purifier Replacement Filters and Accessories. Stanley Wagner. If you have any questions with the Cross Reference T Continental filed its cross-claims against Sylvania claiming that Sylvania violated § 1 of the Sherman Act, 15 U. BT CODE. New turntable needle for the SYLVANIA 11-10329-1 phono stylus. Cross reference list Stage lamp. G-2S32-TP. CFL Cross Reference  Breaker King Cross Reference Guide [Cross Reference Guide] - Click on Product's webpage link BELOW to View. Manufacturers’ Cross Reference Guide These tables are intended only as guides and may represent another lamp/ballast company's most similar product rather than an identical match. Style, Tube, double-ended. 182 Cross Reference Guide * DISCLAIMER: This cross reference guide is intended as an aid for identifying comparable products as a convenience to the user. Service used is currently providing data to permanently delete this web part page has been personalized. Getti A cross-reference guide is a handy tool to use when you need to find parts for your vehicle, because different brands may give their parts different numbers. Online access to parts cross-reference guide A parts cross-reference guide is used in the automotive industry to easily find inte Use the manufacturer's model or part number located on the motor's label plate for the most effective method of cross-referencing a General Electric motor. HOWARD. com. $30 - $40. com PC004_v06 (2018-03-26) Ballast Compatibility List and Guide – Uni-Fit T8 Tube Lamps There is an advantage to having more than one cross reference as we have actually found a few mistakes over the years by checking more than one book. Satco/Sylvania: Philips: General Electric (GE) NEMA Generic: S6300 CFT5W/827: S6700 CF5DS/827: PL-S5W/827: F5BX/SPX27 Also you find the Sylvania electrical panel label showing the Sylvania Electric catalog numbers SMB20 (20-40)S Mod. Cathode Ray Tube Phosphor Characteristic Chart. These guidelines will help you figure out how to use a parts cross-referen If you need to replace a light's ballast, a cross reference chart helps. Go. DESCRIPTION. com Mexico OSRAM MEXICO Headquarters TuItitlan/Edo DeMexico Cross Reference Guide for Light Bulbs LightBulbs. These A parts cross-reference guide is used in the automotive industry to easily find interchangeable vehicle parts. Cross Reference OSRAM SYLVANIA CF9DS/841/ECO CF9DS/841. (ECO®). Individual manufacturer's performance values should be consulted. 6829 1261. TUBE SUBSTITUTION. C. Satco Compact Fluorescent Cross References . Headlight and Fog Light Bulb Cross Reference. Specify your stock bulb's number to see compatible products. ECG was started by Sylvania in 1966, and was more recently acquired by Philips. pdf (61283 bytes) 6JK6 Sylvania p 6JK6. 2APIA,2A Dialight reserves the right to make changes at any time in order to supply the best product possible. Magnetic FL Ballast (2) F96T12 IS 347V. Page 2. Enter Stock/Part Number. 3860 3860 3893 T4W 12V 4W. These are single filament bulbs and use as fog light bulbs and in some sxs vehicles. 8, 8, 247411, #N/A, 45732, 4C7/BL CD4, 120, CD/4, #N/A, 247411, BC4C7/4 120V 12/4LP CD P/S, 120, 12/4  When converting from halogen bulb to LED there are often multiple eligible cross -reference bulbs. § 1 (the Act), by prohibiting sales other than from specified locations. Of all the awful lands that I had then journeyed through, I have no hesitation in saying that Sylvania was easily the most dire. 99 ($5. Base Style. 8 Apr 2016 Feilo Sylvania is pleased to announce that its new range of decorative luminaires and lamps, Sylvania SylCone Retro has won the 'Product Design 2016' accolad Which bulbs fit H1, H11, H7 or H4? LED Bulbs come in standardized sizes that fit many other bulbs. For more than a century, outstanding people have built our reputation for exceptional performance, high-quality products and strong customer service. Some files have compressed images that may not work correctly with older versions of Acrobat reader. According to a forum topic I saw the other da Technology called mass cytometry will help FDA and the research community evaluate medical countermeasures by enhancing understanding of where immune functions are similar or different in human and animal models The . SYLVANIA Automotive is proud to offer a large variety of outstanding products that meet the needs of all consumers; style, performance, and safety alike. EMPORIUM, PENNA. WAT LED EQUIVALENT PART #. Size, 1 IN. G-2S40-TP Osram/Sylvania to Universal Lighting Technologies. BC-4C7. OSRAM. 5. Home · About · Distributor Locator · FAQs · Contact  7 Jan 2021 sylvania bulb cross reference, Direct 2357 replacement bulb for Brake, Center High Mount Stop Light (CHMSL), Parking, Side Marker, Tail, Turn Signal applications 2357 Incandescent Bulb - LongLife SYLVANIA Long Life  For more complete product information visit www. NSK200HR. Lamp Type, LED T8. The part number can usually be found on the bulb. Turn on Animations. Base. Sub Brand, SubstiTUBE. F32T8, High Power , <20% THD. 18 watt T4 4-Pin GX24q-2 3500K Triple Tube Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb 3500K. Color Temperature, 4100 K. LED Car Bulb, Motorcycle Bulb, and Truck Bulb Cross Reference. Number OSRAM SYLVANIA Advance (formerly Magnetek) GE Howard QUICKCROSS The smart electronics in SYLVANIA QUICKTRONIC® ballasts allow them to outperform the competition. Lunera. They have a reputation as the breaker which doesn’t trip. The chart, generally created by the company that made the product, can provide you with parts numbers, input information, special groupings, lamp types and more. The County of Sylvania is a forme. $100 - $150 + See All Sylvania also specializes in ballasts, carrying several different types for all kinds of lighting. TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION 5 SECTION 1 Cross Reference of American Receiving Tubes 7 SECTION 2 Industrial Substitutes For Receiving Tubes 55 SECTION 3 European Substitutes For American Types 59 SECTION 4 American Substitutes For European Types 67 SECTION 5 Picture Tube Substitutes 79 Digitized by Google. $40 - $50. 69 in. S.  Health Services Research, 9(3):208-220. ALTO. pdf (245129 bytes) 6JK8 Sylvania tt 6JK8. Product   Magnetic Ballast. For a complete cross reference guide please consult our electronic catalog at www. Price. E. sylvania. MAGNETEK. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. OSRAM SYLVANIA F9TT41K CF9DS/841. com Canada OSRAM SYLVANIA LTD. CSR 200/SE/   10 Nov 2014 Is there a cross reference for this part? Where can I find a new one? Will my laundry ever get done? The only marking on it are "GTE Sylvania" "  SYLVANIA. com Fulham Stocking Part #’s All Available Fulham Lamps GE Sylvania Philips High Pressure Sodium Lamps Lucalox Lumalux Ceramalux LU35/ED17 LU35/MED LU35/MED C35S76/M Sylvania p 6JK6. IV, by Felix Jaeger. Whether you are looking for a common ballast for fluorescent office lighting or a specific driver for the installation of LED lighting, Sylvania has the options you need and this page is a perfect shopping guide to get started. Parts are just part of what we do. GREEN CREATIVE. HID LAMP CROSS REFERENCE 4 Address: 12705 South Van Ness Ave. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). Trade No. Shop for Sylvania Long Life 2721LL Mini Bulb 2 Pack with confidence at AutoZone. > Bulb Replacement Guide: What bulb fits my car? > Headlights and Fog Lights > Interior and Exterior Bulbs > Other Lighting Accessories Major Brand Cross Reference Chart; Compact Fluorescent Ballasts. HSD 200W/60. I have personally experienced it over 20 times for overcurrent situations and about 5 times in fault current situations. SYLVANIA 2825 T10 W5W White LED Bulb, (Contains 1 Bulb) 4. gov means it’s official This Cross Reference Guide is provided for informational purposes. * not an exact cross reference f32t8, high power, <20% thd howard advance magnetek osram sylvania sli eh1/32is-120 n/a n/a n/a n/a eh1/32is-277 n/a n/a n/a n/a eh2/32is-120 rel-2p32-hl-rh-tp b232i120rhh qt2x32120plus e232pi120h eh2/32is-277 vel-2p32-hl-rh-tp b232i277rhh qt2x32277plus e232pi277h These lighting products are for every use in your home. SLi. You are responsible for ordering the correct lamp you need and we make every attempt to help you in that process. OSRAM SYLVANIA is focused on helping our customers understand our products, and to simplifying their use and applications. 3797 24W 2V 78221. Model. Call us at: (973) 748-5089. ECG offered vacuum tubes as part of their line until that market dried up. Position Light Lens, Clear. Doing so makes it easier to figure out which parts are interchangeable. Professional. Nema / Generic NAED Sylvania GE Philips Base 5 Watt CFT5W/G23/827 20325 CF5DS/827 F5BX/SPX27 PL-S 5W/827 G23 COMPACT FLUORESCENT CROSS REFERENCE Double Tube 2-Pin cross-reference guide apr 2001 howard industries, inc. View File. $10 - $20. Professional; Consumer. COMPACT FLUORESCENT COLOR CROSS REFERENCE.