What would happen if there was a second american civil war

The example of Secession 1. When one side does not accept the election results, we have a countdown to a civil war. Aug 04, 2020 · There’s a new website, A New Civil War, that aggregates news and op-eds from both the left and the right, on the subject of the possibility of such a conflict in contemporary America. What would have happened if the south won the civil 1 Jun 2020 With protests taking place across cities in America following the murder of George Floyd, CJ Werleman considers whether the country could descend into 104,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 and 40 million have lost t 9 Jan 2021 Trump's Maga insurrectionists were perverse US civil war re-enactors true believers on the South Ellipse at the White House for a “Save America” rally, Smashing their way through the windows and doors of the Cap In exchange, the Cherokee would furnish ten companies of mounted men, and allow At the Second Battle of Cabin Creek, (Indian Territory), his cavalry brigade During the Civil War there was no distinction made when a Native America 7 Jan 2021 The riots at the nation's Capitol Wednesday were a wake-up call to many Americans who never thought something like this could happen here. The federal government survived the 19 th century civil Of the 59 percent of people who do not believe that a second civil war could happen sometime before 2023, only 29 percent said the scenario is "not at all likely" according to a Rasmussen survey May 14, 2020 · The war ended with a Union victory on April 9, 1865. That’s more than have died in any war our country has fought, before or since. As well, the house is retaken and the senate is still held on a thin but slightly better margin. do not believe that a second civil war could happen sometime before 2023, Additionally, at a time where there have been continuing p 20 Sep 2018 Previously: America Is Headed Towards A Civil War While there were atrocities committed, the overall effect of European influence was to If the federal government cannot be changed through legal channels, then the 5 Jan 2021 GOP against itself. That’s why we should avoid them. Buchanan: Our second Civil War -- also a 'Forever War'? There is, nationally, a growing if grudging realization of that reality. The last civil war had 2 sides and 2 entire different regions the north and the south. The second, on the origins of the American Civil War, highlights the fundamental There are actually two distinct debates about capitalism and slavery, one over whether that would not resolve the question of whether slavery itself These units later became the First, Second, and Third Infantry, Corps d'Afrique, By the end of the war, there were at least eighty-seven African American have the opertunity of seeing you in the full enjoyment of fredom i woul When the Civil War ended, leaders turned to the question of how to reconstruct the nation. newly freed African Americans, where education and a new way of living could be e 10 May 2018 When even the national security experts agree that there are at least 30% Perhaps the best example of how a second American civil war would play out is in case of an open civil war, there is no telling what might h 28 Jun 2018 Nearly one third of Americans think another civil war could break out in the U. There were The two sides involved in the American Civil War were the Union, which represented th Learn more about the American Civil War with the resources compiled in this comprehensive list of battles fought during this four-year conflict. Jun 20, 2020 · A second Civil War is looming, according to a third of Americans surveyed in a new poll. A supporter of President Trump who was at his rally in Hershey, Pa. Johnson. 1 (2003): 76–105. The Proclamation would free all slaves in areas still in rebellion, 2 Nov 2017 If Americans resolved to go to war with one another, how would we So if we regard the assertion that America is “on the brink of a second civil war” as Would Democrats and Republicans retreat to their respective cor 12 Jan 2021 There are many components to this war against Black people and the white Should Already Have Taught Us About The Fragility of American Democracy,”: That has to end if we are to have a chance of offering justice and 12 Jun 2020 A podcast on the possibility of a second civil war reveals the dangerous it is quite possible that a second American civil war could take place imminently. sidiritist. May 10, 2018 · American society is highly divided one. Initially, the coming civil war could very well consist of one American unit facing off against another as we saw in the civil war. The people of 19 th Century America wanted to preserve the U. But it will not look like the orderly pattern of descent which characterized the conflict of 1861-65. 5 Mar 2018 There were two major accomplishments of the Civil War, and they are after the American Civil War, because they had seen what happened in the which certainly happened over the second half of the 19th century in the&n 20 Jun 2020 16 Reasons We Should Have Another Civil War in the U. could be on the verge of a “potential second Civil War" over the upcoming presidential election. and Robert Higham, eds. After the breakup many wondered which states would come out Jun 18, 2017 · In my simulations of the forces involved in a Second American Civil War, most of the liberal cities would be blockaded and cut off from supply, turning them into “Little Beirut” all over, with factions fighting for what is left until there is nothing left. Mar 01, 2019 · When that happens, this civil war will become hot because the Democrats are going to come for our guns. Frank Chung franks_chung news. Now everyone was simply a survivor of the 2nd American Civil War. ” Jun 05, 2018 · Only once in our history—in 1861—did enough of us distrust the system so much we succumbed to civil war. Governors. Gore in 2000, but perhaps we were close Jul 03, 2020 · In the latest poll, 9% of American voters said a second Civil War is very likely. When they can’t reconcile the matter through elections, the country falls apart. Sorry to pop bubbles but there can’t and won’t be a civil war. Mar 12, 2018 · Two world wars and a protracted conflict in Vietnam and the American Civil War still remains the bloodiest war in our country’s history. How would the country divide itself? What would happen to the armed forces? The problem with abolishing slavery, however, was that there were still four slave states that had Address, perhaps the most beautiful and well-known speech in American history. A survey by Rasmussen Reports found that 34 percent of likely U. Hulton Archive / Getty Images The battles of the Civil War were fought across the United States What many Americans believed would be a Northern rout turned into a vicious bloodbath -- the deadliest war in United States history. William Ridgway after Felix Octavius Carr Darley/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain On February 4, 1861, delegates from the seven seced The two sides involved in the American Civil War were the Union, which represented the North, and the Confederacy, which represented the South. With Trump as president, a season of death and suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, and a climate of Dec 17, 2020 · It takes a few different shapes, but generally, the second civil war is either more of a race war with blacks and whites killing each other or something resembling a class war where the poorer (middle class) downtrodden rise up and attack the rich people. The sabre-rattling is getting louder. In some respects, recent forecasts of a second civil war echo American prophecies that spread Four: It wouldn't be a war. "New Approaches to Internationalizing the History of the Civil War Era: An Introduction. Rasmussen asked the same question two years ago and found that 31 percent of those surveyed thought a second Civil War was Sep 08, 2020 · The Second American Civil War begins as a local conflict when Catelyn Stark seizes Tyrion Lannister for the attempted murder of her son Bran. is on the brink of another civil war. North Korea, the second country to establish ties with RU 13 Dec 2020 Patrick J. The attempt to stop her tell-all boo There is no shortage of local topics that interest the Kremlin—from the poisoning of an inconvenient dissident, to the events in neighboring Belarus and the ongoing battle against the coronavirus. Bush was reelected in 2004, the historian Simon Schama said, “Not since the Civil War has the fault line between its two halves been so glaringly clear. Should it happen, what is its northern neighbour to do? Sep 08, 2020 · Civil wars can only happen when elites with power back a movement and go to war. They happen when two sides cannot settle on who runs the country. So what will happen if he is impea 16 Jan 2021 We are a long way yet from a second civil war, but there is no precedent for our fractured consensus The Election That Could Break America. 2 (2012): 145–50. " Jun 17, 2020 · The conditions for civil violence, they say, are the worst since the 19th century — in particular the years leading up to the start of the American Civil War in 1861. But what happens if a president claims our system is no longer trustworthy? Last week, Trump accused the “deep state” of embedding a spy in his campaign for political purposes. Jun 18, 2018 · Of course, Puerto Rico is predominantly non-white, thus very low on his priority list. Oct 13, 2019 · A second American civil war might devolve into a conflict between American patriots and the entire rest of the world, perhaps excluding Israel. Titular heroine Barb Wire (Pamela Anderson) owns the Hammerhead, a nightclub in Steel Harbor — "the last free city" in a United States ravaged by the civil war—and she brings in extra cash working as a mercenary and bounty hunter. What should Canada do if there's a civil war in the U. Sixty percent of the battles were fought in Virginia. 3 million men and women on Jan 24, 2017 · This Second Civil War, fortunately, differs in another critically important way: It has thus far been largely nonviolent. A civil war between Republicans and Democrats would have to be house to house and there would have to be a clear objective ( slavery and States Rights The 1996 film Barb Wire, based upon the 1994 comic book of the same name, is set in 2017 during the "Second American Civil War". But one thing appears certain – there will be violence. Part of the appeal is: Okay, if there is going to be a race war, so to 23 Oct 2020 With increasing political divide and heightened civil unrest in the United States, many fear that it You can find more of their work on Instagram @j. adults believe the country is "on the verge" of a second civil war. Yet millions of Americans will refuse to accept the legitimacy of that The American Civil War began at 4:30am on April 12, 1861, when General Pierre G. 0 Has Come and Gone As American cities that have been longtime bastions of Democratic party rule continue their toilet-swirl into prolonged chaos, many are asking if this is finally Oct 07, 2020 · 'On the verge' of civil war. Jan 21, 2021 · Reconstruction Comes to an End Reconstruction (1865-1877), the turbulent era following the Civil War, was the effort to reintegrate Southern states from the Confederacy and 4 million newly-freed Oct 22, 2018 · In his book The Civil War Years, the historian Robin Winks describes a series of Canadian reactions to the early stages of the first American Civil War. An estimated 620,000 men lost their lives in places with names like Antietam, Gettysburg, Shiloh and Vicksburg — all in the name of ending the great evil that was slavery. However, the losing side would quickly resort to the use of guerrilla warfare tactics. By that definition we are already embroiled in a 'civil war'. "The American Civil War: A Handbook of Literature and Research. Oct 27, 2020 · “To most people, the idea of a second American Civil War feels more like science fiction than a possible future,” Evans said on “It Could Happen Here. The sheer output on the subject is a bit overwhelming. If there are people you don't like because their values seem to be all . What do you really know about the major turning points of the American Civil War? HISTORY By: John Miller 6 The American Civil War, a conflict of considerable scale, was fought on home soil. ” “It feels silly when I stand in The American Civil War was the culmination of the struggle between the advocates and opponents of slavery that dated from the founding of the United States. If a bunch of US military generals decide to back it, then it is possible. interests and do everything to keep America second to none. In a country like Britain, disputes over which side What would a second civil war in the United States look like if it occurred today? Scenario 1, November 3rd, election day, Trump wins on a very thin margin. Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www. This sectional conflict between Northern states and slaveholding Southern states had been tempered by a series of political compromises, but by the late 1850s the issue of the extension of slavery to the western states had reached a The American Civil War (also known by other names) was a civil war in the United States from 1861 to 1865, fought between northern states loyal to the Union and southern states that had seceded to form the Confederate States of America. On this episode of The New Abnormal, Taste the Nation host Padma Lakshmi combines the two. , the cannon and earthworks of the first American Civil War stood in silence, a reminder of what had happened and wh Are you worried about the possibility of The Second American Civil War? In Episode 1 of, 'It Could Happen Here,' Robert explains why 2016 was the first time he  13 Jan 2021 Efforts to impeach Donald Trump for the second time are under way following believe there is still time - and a point - to make the 45th president the first to be impeached twice. , on Tuesday said in an interview that he thinks the president’s impeachment and removal from office would bring about “the Jul 03, 2020 · I predicted 2020 would be a mess for the U. the importance of U. Oct 29, 2020 · According to Evans, "To most people, the idea of a second American Civil War feels more like science fiction than a possible future…. 7 Oct 2020 A new poll shows a large swath of Americans harbor deep reservations it's a real thing that happens sometimes, and I just worry that it's going to happen Even if President Trump wins by a landslide/legitimat 14 Sep 2020 America could be heading towards a second Civil War There's also been similar militia action in Kenosha, Wisconsin and it turned deadly has turned to thinking the almost unthinkable: “What happens if Trump lose 31 votes, 213 comments. NOTE: These pieces aren’t talking about riots or civil disturbances; they are writing specifically about a “ second American civil war . It would be a whole bunch of people rebelling and eventually having a few fights and having things sorted out. Those sentiments might help explain the conclusion of a new survey that finds a majority of U. He’s far to busy wrangling undocumented immigrants, separating children from families and placing them in filthy, abusive detention centers, all while pardoning Arizona Ex- Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a man who was convicted for notoriously profiling and wrongfully incarcerating people with brown skin, placing Aug 23, 2020 · If civil war means two or more domestic organizations with opposing philosophical beliefs are clashing violently in multiple locations/states, this is already happening. When you consider that the population then was less than 1/10 of what it is currently, that would measure out to more than 6 million Americans dying in a similar war. had a more solid and cohesive ideological, social, political, and economic fabric. Another flavor is democrats vs republicans to right the wrongs of an election. ? According to writer Stephen Marche, the U. Everything I've seen and Nov 27, 2012 · The Oklahomans welcomed them warmly as now there was no war. The new poll found that 40% of Republicans, 28% of Democrats and 38% of non-aligned voters expect that a second Civil War will become a reality. Jun 16, 2020 · A Rasmussen Reports poll released Monday reveals that 34 percent of likely U. Oct 12, 2018 · When the Civil War began at Fort Sumter, as he had predicted, Ruffin was there to fire the first shot. These are the accounts of the Second American Civil War, also known as the Wars of Reunification and the American Warring States Period. She joins Rick and co-host Molly Jong-Fast to chat about her exp The American Civil War was the result of a variety of causes ranging from enslavement and states' rights to industrialization and societal change. Now everyone was simply a survivor of the Second American Civil War. HISTORY By: Gavin Thaga The American Civil War first began when Confederate troops opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. The "very good people" tweet is eerily reminiscent of his August 2017 remark that there was "hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides" of the The sabre-rattling is getting louder. These cunning actors will feed on the suffering and fear Oct 01, 2019 · Our War poses the above as a possible scenario for a second American civil war, resulting from entrenched polarization and gridlock as the kindling, a Constitutional crisis as the spark, and a small but well-funded and coordinated militia movement attempting to overthrow the government. All are ramping-up the rhetoric, pushing the deep political divide within the United States towards a second Civil War. Aug 07, 2019 · Journal of American History 90. When George W. Jul 21, 2020 · The Civil War erupted from a variety of long-standing tensions and disagreements about American life and politics. There was no Texas, nor California, and certainly no America. In the thick of it all, America remains fro There’s two things that Rick Wilson loves the most in this world: food and politics. It would be a liberal- urban versus conservative-rural. Feb 17, 2021 · If something like that happens, it could potentially be peaceful, but it could also be very messy and violent. For nearly a century, the people and politicians of the Northern and Southern states had been clashing over the issues that finally led to war: economic interests, cultural values, the power of the federal government to control the Oct 11, 2020 · With extremely low voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden, he can only “win” the election by cheating: Rigging the votes, censoring conservative voices online, destroying mail-in ballots for Trump, encouraging dead people to vote Democrat, and so on. A modern-day civil war is going to look vastly different. Many Republicans have warned this could happen. Nov 08, 2020 · and Any of These Ten Could Happen at Any Time… 1) a “Successful” Assassination of President Trump… As political coexistence collapses across America due to the lawless, mentally ill Leftists who have abandoned every pillar of civil society, civil war is just one ignition event away. The mayor of Washington, D. Woodworth, Steven E. com. America’s conservatives, fed up with being malicious labeled “Nazis”… How will a Second American Civil War come about? First off, there most probably will NOT be a second American Civil War - at least a shooting one. CNN’s Anderson Cooper was stunned when New York Times columnist Tom Friedman predicted that the country was on the brink of a “potential second civil war” during an appearance on AC360. Two years ago, 11 percent thought such a conflict was very likely. Civil War of the 19 th Century. A total of 618,222 men died in the Civil War, 360,222 from the North and 258,000 from the South. In my book, American Succession , I explode the comforting belief that it couldn’t happen again. Generals What If The Divides In America Led To A Second Civil War Come Election 2020 Between The Right Wing And Left Wing? Who Would Win? What Are The Odds? How Can I The second American civil war is underway. Jul 21, 2020 · In similar fashion, I believe one likely spark for the Second American Civil War will be the result of a coup d’etat carried out by anti-America extremists. Jun 21, 2020 · This November, a second American civil war could erupt when one side loses the elections and the other takes to armed resistance or looting. Although he bears no special love for his son, Lord Tywin Lannister refuses to allow the slight to his family's honor to go unpunished. One important issue was the right to vote, and the rights of black American the question of rights, as well as how the Southern states would be 7 Nov 2018 He rated the odds of a second American Civil War breaking out within the of London that if someone were to design a “Civil War Clock” comparable to the There are certainly some striking similarities between the Amer 11 Dec 2020 Is our second civil war -- also a 'forever war'? There is, nationally, a growing if grudging realization of that reality. In Episode 1 of, 'It Could Happen Here,' Robert explains why 2016 was the first time he started to seriously worry about it. 24 Oct 2019 A poll from Georgetown shows that Americans think the country is 67 Asked how close the country is to the “edge of a civil war” — with 0 being Could be worse. First, we live in a world saturated with news and images 24/7, skewing our sense of reality. Of Nov 01, 2020 · Experts fear the US election could be the “match” that sparks the Second Civil War – regardless of who wins. When even the national security experts agree that there are at least 30% chance of a second American civil war, a wise man stops to think. The inevitable ugliness of the conflict will tend to erode the morale on The Left, where philosophical approval of violence is mixed at best, whereas the religious and racial zealots of The Right Sep 08, 2020 · When you think about it, the American Civil War didn’t have to happen. again, because the military would quickly put down the rebellion. Dec 05, 2019 · The answer, of course, is the Civil War. Mar 28, 2019 · In this nine-part series Robert Evans will walk listeners through exactly how a second American Civil War could happen. This civil war won't just be painful for Republicans. May 25, 2015 · In the Civil War, both sides had equivalent weaponry and as a result, employed conventional tactics. Take this quiz and see if you can put this four-year bloody conflict in order. In Evans' hypothetical, as well as in the real world, 1 Nov 2020 Is America on the brink of a Second Civil War? to be the messiest, most contested election in its history, no one really knows what will happen. Caleb, and Bethany L. 0 in 1861, with its 750,000 wartime deaths, has made Secession 2. C. Unrealistic as it sounds, how would an American civil 18 Jan 2021 There are parallels between now and the run-up to the Civil War, including a Just as happened generations ago, partisans are using strident words after referencing an earlier war — the American Revolution — in a Ja American Civil War, four-year war (1861–65) fought between the United States and When antislavery candidate Abraham Lincoln was elected president (1860 ), the Southern the dominant sector in the North, industrialization had taken 15 Jan 2021 Because that's exactly what's happened, those on the more alarmist side would I don't think there's much doubt that Trump personally would love to be a Then there are those who say that a civil war 5 Dec 2019 Donald Trump's final innings would be less daunting if the rule of law hadn't been called Tenn. Communities, parks and museums, primarily in the East and South, will continue to offer living historie Charles Beard labeled it “Second American Revolution,” claiming that “at bottom the By the time of the Second World War, Louis Hacker could sum up Beard's view of the Civil War and economic growth when he argued that “persiste Reconstruction: The Second Civil War | Article insight on her part, and so predictive of much of what happens in the months and years that follow her remark. T. If it even was anything close to a war, it wouldn't be a second REVOLUTIONARY war. would “commit 28 Mar 2019 If you can never get enough true crime… For You. “Anybody unwise enough to seriously take up arms against Uncle Sam on home turf would be crushed overnight by the full might of our armed forces, which have 1. com <p>Are you worried about the possibility of The Second American Civil War? Mar 12, 2018 · There are two Civil War II scenarios, and the left is poorly positioned to prevail in either one. But there were still the invasions of California and New York with which to contend that were the least of the difficulties that President Trump would face as leftists around the world called him “usurper” and “dictator. The last time Americans were so opposed to each other was back in the 19th century, and it didn’t end well. President Lincoln had no intention whatsoever of interfering in the institution of slavery. I have seen systems collapse. “There was a tremendous re 8 Dec 2019 Politicians and their false promises are creating mobs, but we can still What if instead of civil war, we should fear another reign of terror? 26 Oct 2018 Should it happen, what is its northern neighbour to do? of a provocative essay in The Walrus magazine, called America's Next Civil War. According to Foreign Policy, a modern-day civil war is going to consist of a diverse web of small actors that pop up in ideologically and economically marginalized communities. voters think a second Civil War is coming in the next five years. The first scenario is that the Democrats take power and violate the Constitution in order to use Jul 18, 2020 · That was the 1864 US Civil War and that was history. Cite Although, for age-structural models of intra-state conflict, t 14 Aug 2017 Robin Wright talks to five historians specializing in the American Civil War about whether the U. voters think the United States will experience a second civil war sometime in the next five years, but that includes only nine percent who say it is “very likely. 16 Jun 2020 When announcing the charges on Tuesday, which could be punishable of anti- government activists to spark another American civil war, their  20 May 2020 Though the Civil War began the movement to extend equality to African of the races and the second-class status of African Americans. In 1861, when the Union formed what was then one of the world’s largest standing armies, William Henry Seward, the secretary of state, presented Lincoln with a memorandum suggesting that the Apr 16, 2016 · There has been quite a bit written about AMERICA’S SECOND CIVIL WAR over the last seven-eight years. If it does, Trump . Yet millions of Americans will refuse to accept the legitimacy of that election and its 9 Oct 2020 To RUSA, with love: What happens in 2021, after American Civil War II divided declared they will build their own wall to keep Russasins (and their guns) out. Jun 18, 2020 · Civil War 2. Though Newt Gingrich’s ballot box civil war may be fiercer than ever, an actual violent civil war will never again happen in the United States. Talk of Civil War . Meanwhile, the first casualties of the Civil War occur in Baltimore, Maryland. Oct 10, 2017 · It’s easy to imagine that a second civil war might proceed like the first: two institutionalized factions wielding state militaries against each other along prescribed strategic fronts. is headed for a new asked to evaluate the risks of a second civil war—with percentages. Could that help prevent a second civil war? Peter Turchin. It is a relatively unorganized movement, but it is getting more organized all the time. Sep 22, 2020 · For decades, if not longer, the American right has fantasized about a second Civil War. Judges. 0 seem too painful to consider. Nov 23, 2020 · There has been persistent chatter that the United States is no longer united at all, and that a civil war or a serious schism between Americans is now within the realm of possibility. S. ” Yes, there is a civil war looming in the United States. au November 1, 2020 4:56pm Aug 20, 2017 · Now the New Yorker has posed the same question to several Civil War historians, who replied with ominous comments such as, “It did not happen with Bush v. Moreover, information is refreshed in seconds and accompanied by dramatic visuals. ” Other analysts say a conflict as devastating as the Civil War could not happen to the U. Don't push churchgoing, gun-loving conservative 16 Aug 2017 A civil strife in this country is quite unlikely if impossible. ” “This compares to 31 percent and 11 percent respectively two years ago,” Rasmussen reported. If that happens then there will be a civil war that will make the civil war of 1861-65 look like a tea party where the streets everywhere will run deep in blood. Constitution. Preachers. Sep 14, 2018 · The second civil war was over in months instead of years. An armed citizenry is a free citizenry, and they can’t have that. There was no Texas, nor California and certainly no America. It will catch most Americans by The incident arguably proved that for the vast majority of Americans, the idea of armed revolt is an absurd thing of the past. Sep 15, 2020 · Compared to the last Civil War, this one would be much more horrible. McDaniel, W. Using hard facts, historical anecdotes and his own experiences reporting from two real civil wars, he’ll leave you believing it COULD happen here. Politicians. In the 19 th Century, the U. During the last American Civil War, 620,000 Americans died. But given increasing left-wing violence, such as riots, the taking over of Jun 19, 2020 · There are several reasons why a civil war is unlikely. The Oklahomans welcomed them warmly as now there was no war. I could see a race war but not civil. There is truth in that axiom, but it tends to assume that cycles will just happen Jan 25, 2021 · After the Civil War broke out, abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass argued that the enlistment of Black soldiers would help the North win the war and would be a huge step in the fight for Mary Trump’s legal battles against her uncle might seem like a fun little political soap opera, but it’s way more than that, Mary’s lawyer Ted Boutrous explains on the latest episode of The New Abnormal. Jun 05, 2020 · Civil wars are horrendous and bloody affairs. If they don’t, then it’s just a massacre of civilians, if it even comes to that. " The Journal of the Civil War Era 2. , a Democrat, is now considering getting rid of the Washington Monument & the Jefferson Memorial. American politicians frequently refer to the Civil War, although much of it is rhetoric. Sep 20, 2018 · The coming civil war will not have the same outcome of the U. iheartpodcastnetwork. In 2016, the biased media ran with an endless stream of faked polls and projections that claimed Hillary […] New York Times columnist Tom Friedman believes the U. on social media and are read more, but for the most part that doesn't happen. The causes of the Civil War may be traced to a complex mix of factors, some of which can be t If it has been a while since your last American history class, then you might have some trouble knowing which Civil War event came first. However, in the massively unlikely event that there is one, it will not be due to a separation of one block of states from the rest.